Friday, October 9, 2009


For the next time I'm experiencing photographer's block...

hahaha...oh Calvin.

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Project 365 : October 1 thru 8, 2009

It’s been a rough couple of weeks. I’ve been stressed at work because I’ve been training to be a back up to a very important position, I’ve been doing my job, I’ve been working on projects for another position, without being allowed overtime, which means it all has to get done in 8 hours. On the plus side, I haven’t been babysitting so I’ve had more free time after work.

There’s a lot that has to be done before I move. Paint colors to be picked out, paint to be slapped up on walls, closets to shelve, lots and lots of furniture to move, monetary values to be discussed, papers to sign, money to designate. 

I’ve been a little tense lately. But I think it will all calm down soon and things will work out just fine.  Tense moments are always followed by calm, happy ones...right?


1008 - i need a nap

1007 - palm

1006 - danny thinks this is an alyssa milano pose

1005 - everyone has those days

1004 - i'm having pancakes

1003 - full moon

1002 - tryptic of sorts

1001 - fountain of fire

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Project 365 : September 22 thru 30, 2009


I’ve had what I’d like to call a turbulant week. I’ve been running here and there and everywhere, trying to cram three days worth of stuff in 24 hours (minus 7 for sleeping...if that). I’ve been training in a new position at work (to be a backup) for most of the day, with only an hour or two to do my own job. After work I rush over to Tim & Bea’s house (Danny’s brother-in-law & sister) to babysit The Pequenita, and I’ve had things going on after that too, like the gym, and bringing work home with me, and conference calls with my dad & loan officer, and reading & signing lots and lots of paperwork, and hoop dancing. That’s right. Hoop Dancing. So I’m tired, and this is going to be short, but not as short as my last few posts.

I’m trying out a new thing. I’m putting my blog up on my .mac website, and I’m putting it up on The thing is, I pay $99/year for my .mac e-mail address and the ability to post things to my website. It’s not a whole lot in the grand scheme of things, but I’ve been slowly falling in love with gmail and toying with the idea of NOT renewing my .mac subscription come September of 2010. Along with that comes a new location for my blog, which I plan to keep up with totally good intentions. For a while, I’ll be posting to both blogger and to here, just to see which one I like better, which one is easier to use, and which one gives me more creative freedom. So check one out, check both out, check the other out, or just straight up stop checking me out. But please do let me know what you think.

In the meantime, enjoy the photos

930 - my little apprentice

929 - clouds in the sky

928 - flying saucer

927 - belen y tio danny

926 - culinary conejos

925 - Foggy morning

924 - urf's up!

923 - pretty danny

922 - belen blue eyes